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What are the three main trends in the consumer landscape? Mobile, mobile and mobile. How to make money with mobile apps the modern consumer uses the smartphone to interact, chat, make online purchases, learn, work and pay. Soon you can even use your smartphone as an OV chip card. Switching from computers to smartphones and tablets is no longer a trend, but a fact. For almost every industry, consumers prefer mobile, whether it's a restaurant reservation, a movie or digital viewing of a holiday home.

Consequently, the consumer also switches from the browser to an app. The average American is busy with a smartphone or tablet for more than 2 hours a day. The majority would prefer an app than a browser: 86% of the time goes to apps and only 14% to the browser.

More marketing, better customer relationship

Research shows that people even appreciate your business when they use your app. Mobile apps have a far greater potential for effective marketing, and better customer relationships. By using an app well, additional sales are available for picking up.

How to interact with your customers?

The logo or app icon pops into the eye and is prominent on the user's smartphone. It does not have to open a browser to reach your business. A touch on the screen means direct contact and interaction. SMEs with an app are much more dynamic in their marketing and customer relationship. With an app, you do not wait until the customer visits the website, but you're looking for the interaction.

Can a website see a customer near you? Can a website send a customer a message as soon as that customer is in the region, city or district? Apps can do that. An app lets you send location-based messaging messages. This will let the visitors know that the sale begins.

Apps are also the perfect gathering place for the company's social media. Your Facebook page and Twitter are handled and beautifully crafted in your own house style in the app, without the competition of other business pages or tweets. This gives you the maximum attention value for your customers.
Every SME business, from hairdresser to fitness center, from restaurant to car garage, can use an app to get its own customer savings program without additional passes or stamp cards. Such a loyalty program is part of your app that integrates for free and easy.

It's easy to use and gives you a good insight into your customer's spending pattern. You are always aware of the savings balance and can adjust your marketing accordingly. Offers coupons through your app. Great chance that your regular visitors will return more often!

Why do customers prefer apps?

People prefer apps across websites because apps are much easier to use. You open an app much faster by tapping an icon and browsing it through an app is completely customized on the mobile device. Additionally, apps have many features: you can call, email, plan your route to an event or other location, receive pushbars, and even book a restaurant table or hotel room.

Apps can also use some of the features of the smartphone, including the camera, for example, scanning QR codes or uploading photos.

Make your own app

For some companies, it's modern, to have its own app in the stores. You can count on the modern consumer. Having an app at least generates trust with the customer.

Make Money With Mobile Apps

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